About Deirdre Donnelly

My Spiritual Journey Starting With Me Ending With You

Read about my health and spiritual journey! How it starts with me being a vet and nearly dying and ends with me creating symbolic jewelry to empower YOU to connect with your own story!

A Female Vet In A Male World

I grew up in Ireland near the ancient site of Newgrange – the source of all my jewellery inspirations.

But I didn’t start out as a jeweller.

In fact, I studied veterinary medicine and surgery at the Veterinary College of Ireland in Dublin.

When I began my first veterinary job in County Clare, my boss Leo was very nervous as I was the first woman veterinarian in that area and he was unsure how the farmers would take to me.

He needn’t have worried! They treated me like royalty!

When I went to the farms they’d have three men to help me and all the cows in. Whereas Leo would arrive and nobody to help him and all the cows still in the fields!

They almost would lay down their coats on the muck so I wouldn’t get my boots dirty! I was invited in for whiskeys, poitín (pronounced ‘potcheen’ – a homebrewed alcohol also known as Irish Moonshine) and teas in practically every farm I went to.

At one place I was brought in for dinner and Leo was very put out. He said he’d been treating their animals for over twenty years and he never got to set a foot inside the door!

The Spark That Brought Me To Jewelry

While working in Co. Clare I went on a holiday to New York City and ended up living there for seventeen years where I worked in a small animal hospital.

During this time, I visited the National Museum Of Ireland and saw the amazing gold ornaments created by the ancient Celtic goldsmiths. This sparked my interest in learning how to work with metal and discovering the magic of moving metals and expressing myself creatively.

I found a small jewelry school that taught the ancient goldsmithing techniques. This was absolutely perfect as it brought me full circle back to the spark that began my interest in creating jewelry.

I took a class once a week over the course of four years and have taken many workshops with internationally famous artists such as Harold O’Connor and Cynthia Eid.

For a while I gave my jewelry to friends and family as initially I had no idea how or where to sell it. Until I moved to the beautiful state of Vermont.

It was here that I first got juried into the Vermont State Galleries called Frog Hollow and into the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. Both prestigious craft organisations that have generated several famous artists.

Nearly Dying Helped Me Reconnect With My Irish Heritage

It was during the early years of my jewelry career that I contracted Lyme disease. This ended up being extremely debilitating and I was so sick I could not get out of bed.

In fact, I was unable to work for most of the time over a six to seven year period and and I even went bankrupt!

Worst still, I almost died because of this disease.

I remember setting up for craft shows and I would be fainting and having to lie down in the middle of the booth. For many years doing shows I was brought to the ambulance to recuperate.

This set me back a huge amount and has been the most difficult time of my life!

Looking back however, I am grateful now for Lyme disease as it has led me on a spiritual discovery where I feel I have connected with the energy of the powerful symbols used in my work to help me through such adversities.

I also reconnected with my ancient roots in Ireland. Discovering along the way that my grandfather was a dowser who dowsed not only for water, but also for missing children using the energy of the earth and intuition.

My Lyme disease journey has taught me to forgive myself, to love myself and to accept myself. And through my jewelry I am connected back to my heritage and feel empowered to live my life with both passion and courage.

My Health Journey Allowed My Jewelry To Blossom So That Now I Can Empower You Too!

My health journey has led me to create jewelry with so much meaning behind it  – and it is this connection that I love to share with my customers.

Once I started creating jewelry inspired by the symbolism and power of the ancient sites in Ireland, my jewelry career blossomed!

Since then hundreds of my customers have shared similar stories with me as they appreciate and can relate to my own journey.

My jewelry has become a source of comfort to many as they can feel the power of the symbols and the energy of these ancient places through my work.

They literally feel empowered!

Sun Symbol Earrings

Deirdre, Sometimes, after a lecture, few individuals introduce themselves. I thought I would introduce myself as one of your beautifully satisfied customers. 

Five years ago as I came out of major cancer surgery, my husband brought me two pieces of your jewelry. Your earrings with the ancient designs touched my soul and emotionally I could not take them off. 

Today I am officially ‘clean’ and your earrings are worn nobly and I am most grateful for all the creativity you share. Appreciation.

Eileen B


A Womans Journey Pendant

Deirdre, Thank you so so much for the wonderful necklace “Flow”.

It is part of my healing journey from cancer and means so much to me as a reminder to “stay in the flow” and “go with the flow “ and feel the vibrant, energetic support of spirit.

I so appreciate your work and all you put into this piece. Thank you!


I Can Do Anything Ring

Deirdre I absolutely and completely love my “I Can Do Anything ring.” It fits perfectly. 

Things have been so tenuous at work and with life in general that I decided to do something fun for myself. 

This ring was the right decision. Thank you, it’s beautiful.


Healthier Times

Although there are still times when I don’t function as well, I am slowly with grit and determination, working my way to full health and vitality.

These days I am much healthier having found alternative treatments for Lyme disease.

This year in particular, I am stronger than ever and I have skied more than I did the past 5 years combined!

I can feel the strength in my legs again and can ski the trees and bumps like I used to 15 years ago.

And, as Tom Petty said – “I won’t back down”!

An Irish Saying To Help You On Your Way

I have done extensive research on symbolism in Ireland and worldwide studying other symbols of ancient cultures.

The mysterious meanings behind this visual lanuguage is magical and when worn, I feel the power of these symbols as I go through my everyday life.

So I’ll leave you with this old Irish saying which is very pertinent to me…

“Is fearr an tsláinte ná na táinte.”

Health Is Better Than Wealth.

So come join me and learn about the symbols YOU can wear to empower YOU on your own journey!

Let My Jewellery Be Part Of Your Journey