Discover Your Symbol – Symbolic jewelry to empower you with the qualities you want to emulate

We have inherited from our ancestors the language of symbols.

Symbols give us a greater understanding of self. Learn how to use symbols to tell your story.

Wear your power.

Single Spiral Symbol

The spiral symbol is the oldest in Celtic culture. Representing the sun and eternal energy.

The shape of the spiral signifies life’s journey.

Goddess Danu Spiral Amethyst Pendant

Clockwise spirals for emergence and growth, anti-clockwise for drawing inward and reflection.

 Goddess Danu Spiral Amethyst Earrings

This is a great symbol for those wanting to move forward.

What does it represent for your journey?




-external awareness



Triple Spiral or Triskele Symbol

The triple spiral also known as the spiral of life is a Celtic and pre-Celtic symbol found on Irish Megalithic and Neolithic sites including Newgrange. It dates back to the Stone Age.

Triple Spiral Pendant

Derived from the Greek word triskeles, meaning three legs or three times. The three interlocking spirals (or legs) originate from a single point. The symbol represents motion and motion is believed to signify energy. Forward motion to reach understanding.                                      

The Celts believe that everything happens in threes and the symbol stands for the unity of three; physical, mental, and spiritual. Also symbolizing life-death-rebirth, spirit-mind-body, past-present-future. It is believed to represent the Eternal Truth, that the meaning of life is to find harmony between the three Celtic worlds; spiritual world, present world and the celestial world.  Also Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Crone or Ancestral Goddess was at the pinnacle of power in ancient Ireland. She was revered for her wisdom and insight.

Triple Spiral Square Earrings

The meaning of the triple spiral is diverse and has many possibilities. This symbol is a sign of female power through transition and growth.

What does it represent for your journey?

-personal growth

-spiritual expansion

-human development

-eternal truth

– the meaning of life

Tree of Life Symbol

The Tree of Life represents harmony and balance, strength, longevity and wisdom.

The branches reaching upward and roots spreading into the earth symbolize the link between heaven and earth.

Newgrange Tree of Life Pendant

The Celtic people believed that trees were the spirits of their ancestors acting as portals to the spiritual world. There was a central tree in each community where spiritual ceremonies were held asking sacred trees to bestow blessings on people in need.

The oak tree was the most sacred tree to the Celtic people and it’s likeness is often depicted in Tree of Life symbols. The general meaning of a tree is the cycle of life and the interconnectedness of all creation.

Tree of Life and Supermoon Pendant

Humans are intimately connected to trees. Their cycles of growth, shedding leaves in the fall with new buds in the spring is similar to the human experience of continued growth and strengthening as we reach out seeking knowledge and wisdom.

Newgrange Tree of Life Cuff Bracelet

This symbol helps those seeking greater knowledge and new experiences.

What does it represent for your journey?







Triquetra Symbol

Triquetra Pendant and Earrings 

This ancient symbol originally symbolized the triple goddess (maiden-mother-old woman) and was a symbol of protection.  It was believed the goddess could morph between all three forms at will. 

Over the centuries it has become the symbol of eternal love.

With one continuous line interweaving around itself with no beginning or end making a form that cannot be undone.

The knot also represents the profound Celtic meaning associated with the number three. The Celts believed that everything important happened in threes; life, death, rebirth, earth, sea and sky. The three “leaves” represent the past, present and future and their interconnectedness.

Celtic Three Pendant

If you seek faith and longevity this may be the symbol for you.

What does it represent for your journey?





-connection to ancestors

-eternal spiritual life