Learn About The Inspirations Behind The Goddess Brigid Collection ~ Connect To The Poetess, Healer And Smith!


Being a metalsmith, veterinarian and an energy healer, I feel a very strong bond to Brigid our ancient Goddess of Smiths and Medicine. I felt I was channeling Goddess Brigid all through the winter,spring and summer while making this collection ~ yes it took me that long!

Brigid was a goddess, a saint and a Druid. She was the daughter of the great God Dagda and a member of the Tuatha De Danaan or The Fairy people, children of the great Goddess Danu.

According to Irish mythology Brigid hung her cloak on a sunbeam to dry. The year was 650AD and her cloak was dried and energised by the sunbeam.

Her name means ‘Exalted One’ or ‘High One’.


With Emerald & In Silver

Brigid – The Triple Goddess

As a Goddess, Brigid was associated with Spring or Imbolc, symbolising renewal, fertility, healing, poetry, inspiration, creativity and smithcraft.

According to the monk Cormac, Brigid was a Goddess adored by poets and had two sisters Brigid the healer and Brigid the smith. Hence Brigid was a triple deity.

As a Triple Goddess she reigned over the three aspects of life ~ as poetess, as smith, and as healer. She was a master of many arts, that are important to our well-being, happiness and contentment.

Triple Goddesses like Brigid presided over the life/death/rebirth cycle. 

Brigid – Goddess Of Healing

As a Goddess of healing, Brigid ruled over the sacred wells of Ireland.

Many Irish people visit her sacred wells in Kildare and Louth and are often called the “People of the Wells”. Wherever a goddess was associated with a well in ancient Ireland she was considered a healing goddess.

Brigid was also a goddess of fire. To the ancient Celts, fire was the element of inspiration and passion.

So Brigid was a goddess of fire and water, life and death.

With Emerald & Chrome Diopside, In Silver & 22k Gold

Wear the Triple Goddess pendant and feel the connection to Brigid, the poetess, healer and smith

Brigid – As Saint Brigid

On February 1, the first day of Spring in Ireland, the Hill of Tara at the Mound of the Hostages is illuminated at Imbolc when Brigid was born. She is associated with cattle and her two oxen are gifted with crying out warnings.

Brigid was associated with things that are elevated in society such as flames or hill forts or writing poetry. Poetry was held in high esteem in Irish society, also healing and warfare. 

The Christians didn’t completely abandon the old Irish Goddesses as it was easier to convert the locals by retaining the old deities.

A number of Brigid’s pagan magical events could be ascribed as Christian miracles. So ‘Saint Brigid’, said to have been born 470 CE, demonstrated her gift for healing and was associated with holy wells where you can tie a ribbon on a sacred tree and have healing powers help you. Brigid as a Christian Saint never lost her pagan healing abilities.

Still to this day people in Ireland hang Brigid’s Crosses on their threshold. Families would have special food for the goddess herself. It protects against fire and evil.

Each year a new cross is made and the old one is burned. Brigid herself wove a cross at the bedside of a dying man and he was healed.

With Emerald, Peach Moonstone, Guava Quartz, In Silver & 22k Gold

Effortless, Graceful and Powerful she takes your breath away with her cascading beauty. Wear this piece for adaptability and fluidity. Yielding to the moment makes your life Effortless.

Pendant With Guava Quartz, Siberian Emerald, In Silver & 18k Gold

   Feel the love.

Brigid – Healing Caress & Colours

I used the colours of geen for healing and peach for creativity and inspiration with the oval “arms” symbolising Brigid’s healing caress.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra and a colour of peace, harmony and healing.

Peachy orange the colour of the sacral chakra symbolises the creativity we all have.

Feel Brigid’s healing power, feel inspired with her creativity when you wear a piece from her collection.

Earrings, Pendant & Ring With Peach Moonstone, In Silver & 22k gold

Bridget Bright – A Poem By Hedgewytch

She is known as Brigid Bright,

Goddess who shines against the night.

At Cille Dara, at the setting sun,

Her sacred flame is kept by one.

Nineteen times the earth turns round,

As sacred springs come forth the ground.

Twenty times the sun has burned,

And now the Goddess has returned.

Alone she tends her thrice-bright flame,

Born of her heart that bears her name.

The Dagda knows Brigid as Daughter,

Triple Blessed by fire and water.

Poets call her name to inspire.

And healers oft gain from her fire.

Wayland too would know her well

As hammer and anvil ring like a bell.

A sorrowful cry did she give meaning,

When first she brought to Eire keening.

Oh Sacred Fire against darkest night,

Burn for Brigid, for Brigid Bright!

Fire in the head…to quicken us.

Fire in the cauldron…to heal us.

Fire in the forge of the heart…to temper us.

The Irish Triple Goddess of ancient times is calling to you!