A Guide To Irish Symbolism

Learn About Irish Symbolism And Explore The Ancient Irish Symbols That Inspire Deirdre Donnelly Jewelry

Feel the Spirit of Ireland

Symbols are profound expressions of humanity, and speak powerfully to us, addressing our intellect, emotions, and spirit.

A symbol is an expression of some deep, inner wisdom that often cannot be expressed in words. Most of the symbols carved in ancient Ireland seem to be related to astonomy and measuring time, as well as a deeper spiritual meaning.

This is a guide to help you find your own personal connection to the symbols carved in ancient Ireland at Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth and Loughcrew c3500BC.

Crescent Moon Symbol

Irish Symbolism GuideThe crescent moon symbol represents phases, growth, full potential and feminine energy.Shop Jewelry Featuring The Crescent Moon Symbol

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Compass Symbol

Irish Symbolism GuideThe compass symbol will guide you on your journey and help you find your direction.Shop Jewelry Featuring The Compass Symbol

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Full Moon Symbol

Irish Symbolism Guide*Balance *Fertility *New beginnings *Fresh Start *Mystery *Contemplation *Letting Go *Obtainment Of Desire *The Height Of Power *The SoulThe full moon symbol represents feminine energy, intuition, clarity and renewal. The moon is a feminine...

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