Light Up The Dark With Symbolic Irish Winter Solstice Jewelry

Imagine you are an Irish Queen, standing in the darkened chamber of the great temple “Sídh in Broga” ( Newgrange, Ireland)  looking out along the passage into the dawn on the distant horizon, this is c3000BC.

Outside the Sídh (Irish language for palace, pronounced Shee) are thousands of people from your queendom who have gathered to witness the astronomical event.

Your King and several high priestesses and priests are by your side anticipating the spiritual and symbolic event of the year.

In a short time a ray of light starts to slowly creep down the passage and soon the magic happens where you are bathed in the glimmering light of the winter solstice sunrise.

You allow the light to shine on you and energise you. Your talismans are re-energised by the beam of light, and the quartz surrounding the temple booms out a powerful energy to your people.

After this mystical moment the celebrations begin and the fires get bigger and can be seen from all the sacred sites in Ireland.

The Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and the first day of Winter.

It is when the sun is at its southernmost point in the Northern Hemisphere and we have the least amount of daylight. The dark triumphs over the light, signifying the need for rest and reflection.

Let the darkness be a catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

The days after Winter Solstice when the sun’s strength builds and the days grow longer, we wait for the light and new energy and ideas.

Sun Symbols give you new energy

Inner Light – Illumination

Celebrating the longest night of the year is an honored and sacred tradition in Ireland. The Celtic people embrace the spiritual significance of the solstice and the opportunity for release and rebirth.

Ireland’s largest Neolithic passage cairn, Newgrange is aligned with the sun rise of the winter solstice.

As the sun rises, the chamber is illuminated.

Light up your life with the “Passage of Light” Pendant in silver 22k gold and druzy

Activities to honor winter solstice:

– A fire ritual. Take two pieces of paper; on one write down what you wish to let go of and on the other write down your intentions and aspirations. Read your notes and then throw them into the fire casting off what holds you back to make room for your hopes and dreams.

– Light up the dark with candles to symbolize your inner light.

– Take a walk in nature to reflect on the quiet and stillness.

Make room for your hopes and dreams

Wear My Symbolic Irish Jewelry To Light Up The Dark And Make Room For Your Hopes And Dreams