My Journey – From Ireland To Vermont!

I grew up in Ireland near the prehistoric sites of Newgrange and the Hill of Tara, ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland.

I used to go on school trips to these ancient sites and remember they were the very first places I learned about in Irish history class.


Horses were a big part of my life growing up and this is Oisín (Ush-een) one of my ponies who was a bit of a brat!

The High King Of Tara

The natural beauty of lush green fields, boggy bogs, steep cliffs and blue water was a calming and inspiring influence.

The spiritual power of Newgrange and Tara fueled my creativity and longing for soulful connections to my ancestors.

My family tree goes all the way back to Niall of The Nine hostages. He was the High King of Tara from 379-405 AD and reputed to have kidnapped and brought St. Patrick to Ireland.

The Hill of Tara was the ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland. There are several other High Kings of Ireland in my lineage.


Deirdre at The Hill of Tara, Co. Meath Ireland, the ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland.

Being A Vet & Becoming A Jeweler

My career began as a veterinarian where the healing and care of animals fulfilled my desire for life connection and purpose.

On a holiday visit to New York City, I was captivated by all the city had to offer and took a job at a small animal hospital. I lived there for multiple years exploring the museums especially the Metropolitan where there were many ancient gold ornaments.

During a visit back home to Dublin I visited the National Museum of Ireland, I saw the amazing gold ornaments created by ancient Celtic goldsmiths from 2000BC to the 8th century AD. This sparked my interest in jewelry making.

Feeling the creative calling and guided by my ancestors I took the leap and began learning ancient goldsmithing techniques that the Celts used hundreds of years ago.


A Celtic gold torc from the Ór Collection at the National Museum of Ireland.

Moving To Vermont

While on a ski trip to Vermont, I fell in love with the beauty and serenity of the state. I also met my ex-husband on a ski-chair lift!

Vermont reminded me of Ireland. With creativity flowing and the strength and guidance of my ancestors, I moved to Vermont.

Once settled, I was blessed with the affirmation of my choice when I was juried into prestigious craft organizations that have generated famous artists. My jewelry began to sell providing me with a sustainable income.


Weston Vermont. Photo by Deirdre Donnelly.

Trust In Your Life’s Journey

When I am creating pieces, my ancestors are always present nudging me to grow spiritually and artistically. When I am at my workbench  I feel I am connected to and channeling my Celtic ancestral goldsmiths and maybe a High King or two!

The two places I love, Ireland and Vermont work in harmony inspiring me to create soulful pieces with these Irish symbols to help the wearer on her life journey.

When I first started my veterinary career I could not see the magical paths that would present themselves to me. I am thankful for all of you who support me.

My wish for you is to trust your guides on your life journey. Have the beautiful life you deserve.

I am honored to share the spiritual symbols and history of Ireland and thankful to live in the enchanting state of Vermont.


I’d love to talk to you about a symbolic piece of jewelry for YOUR life’s journey!

Thank You For All Your Support!