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A Womans Journey Pendant


Balance •  Progress • Direction •Initiation
Centering • Expansion • Awareness
Connection • Journeying  • Development


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Pendant Sizes

, ,

Chain Length
16"16" Chain
18"18" Chain
20"20" Chain
Background Color
Gold Background
Silver Background

Spiral Symbolism

Spiral Symbolism

*Continuity of Life *A Woman’s Journey *Change

*Circle of Life *Water of Life *Evolution

*Balance *Progress *Direction 

*Centred *Aware *Connection

 *Journeying   *Letting Go   *Surrender

*Release *Rotation Of The Sun *Revolution of Time, Stars, and the Planets

There is evidence that all the ancient cultures in the world carved spirals, the meaning of which may vary according to the culture or the era.

For the ancient Celts, it was thought to represent the movement of the sun or radiation of ethereal energy.

In terms of spirituality, the spiral symbol can represent the path leading from outer consciousness (materialism, ego) to the inner soul (enlightenment, nirvana, cosmic awareness).

Pendant Materials

Pendant Materials

This work of art is made of Fine Silver which is embossed with symbols and then meticulously plated by hand with 24K gold. Seven layers of clear enamel are then applied to protect the finish so no cleaning or polishing is needed.

Neckwires are handmade in my studio using steel cable with 24K gold outer layer, this is finished with a protective coating so it never changes.

Neckwires are available in 16″ or 18″ lengths.


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