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Eternity Pendant



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S-Spiral Symbolism

S-Spiral or Double Spiral

*Eternity   *Forever *   *Balance

*Equinox   *Solstices   *Infinity

In relation to the sun, the double spiral is thought to represent the solstices or the equinoxes. Sometimes the double spiral appears as a loose anti-clockwise spiral joined with a tightly wound clockwise spiral. This is thought to represent the large, warm summer sun and the small shrinking winter sun whereas equal sized spirals represent the two equinoxes or equal daytime and equal nighttime, a sign of balance.

Metal Content

Pendants Metal Content:
This work of art is made of Fine Silver which is embossed with symbols and then meticulously plated by hand with 24K gold. Seven layers of clear enamel are then applied to protect the finish so no cleaning or polishing is needed. Neckwires are handmade in my studio using steel cable with 24K gold outer layer, this finished with a protective coating so it never changes. Neckwires are available in 16″ or 18″ lengths.


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