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Past, present, future; body, mind, spirit; maiden, mother, crone. Crone was a good connotation in ancient Ireland.  Ancient Irish society was a matriarchal society where they revered older wiser women and sought out their guidance and wisdom.

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Sacred Number Three Symbolism

Triple Spiral Symbol

*The Sacred Number Three

*Past, Present, Future    *Body, Mind, Spirit

*The Three Stages of Woman: Maiden, Mother, Older Wiser Woman

*The Triple Goddess

The first goddess of Ireland was believed to be Banba and the oldest name for Ireland is Banba: the Land of The Women, a great matriarchal society.

*Heaven, Earth, The Underworld   *Beginning, Middle, End   *The Holy Trinity

*Faith, Hope, and Love

*Oak, Ash, and Thorn were called the faery triad of trees.

Where they grow together, it is still said that faeries live. The Tuatha De Dannan are the most mysterious of all races to have inhabited Ireland. Mystical and semi-divine the name means the people of the goddess Danu (or Anu). They lost in battle and are said to have descended into the earth and became the fairy people who dwell in the otherworld, the spirit people or the Sidhe.

Metal Content

Earring Metal Content:
This work of art is made of Fine Silver which is embossed with symbols and then meticulously plated by hand with 24K gold. Seven layers (seven is a sacred number) of clear enamel are then applied to protect the finish so no cleaning or polishing is needed. Earwires are niobium, a hypoallergenic metal in the titanium family. All earrings are available in dangles or posts.


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