The Symbolism Of Charm Rings and Where You Wear Them

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Charms, Rings, Symbolism

Wear Rings Intentionally

Throughout the ages the symbolism of charm rings and where you wear them have always held much symbolic significance.

Rings have symbolised such things as wealth, power, eternity, fidelity or devotion and of course have had a long tradition of being worn as charm rings.

The first rings were believed to have been a knot made of twisting a cord or a wire. These rings were used as charms to ward off evil spirits.

Wear this charm ring for protection

Where you are from and your cultural beliefs may affect how you wear your rings. 

The ring is a symbol of many things to many people. 

Buddhists believe the ring is a symbol of the indefinite heaven.

 Some cultures believe the hole in the middle of the ring acts as a receptacle allowing celestial energy and divine blessings to channel through.

In ancient Egypt the shen ring symbolised eternal protection.

In China about 4000 years ago Archer’s Rings were very significant as archery was important for sport, war and hunting.

In Ireland the Claddagh ring symbolises Love, Loyalty and Friendship. The heart for love, the crown for loyalty and the hands for friendship. They originated in the village of Claddagh, County Galway in the 1700’s.

These rings can be worn by married and engaged couples and also by single people if worn with the crown turned outwards away from you on the right hand!

This Irish symbol charm ring symbolises a woman’s journey.

The Continuity of Life is the symbolism attributed to this ring.

Many symbolic meanings have been given to the location of where you wear your ring.

Your dominant hand, the one you write with, symbolizes action and sends energy out to the world.

Your non-dominant hand signifies thought, imagination and receiving energy from others.

Each finger has meaning.

The thumb symbolizes personal independence, strength and willpower. 

The index finger indicates confidence and ability to lead, symbolizing power and authority.

The middle finger symbolizes harmony and balance. Wearing a ring on this finger is a sign of personal identity, beauty and life purpose indicating a strong moral compass.

The ring finger signifies love, beauty, creativity and adventure.

The little finger is associated with trust, emotion, intuition, communication and intelligence. Family crests are often worn on the little finger.

Ultimately what matters is that your rings tell your story representing what you value and love.

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