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My Favourite Pieces

For the past several years I have been on a journey of self-discovery and long-term recovery from debilatating Lyme disease.

It has been during this time that my research into the power of the ancient Irish symbols that inspire and feature in my jewelry have benefited me personally in the areas of healing, energy and inner peace.

I often wear my Vibrance Pendant and Vibrance Earrings to remind me there is hope when I am feeling hopeless and strength when I am feeling weak.

I choose my Sun Symbol Earrings on days when I need a boost of energy and vitality – and these also serve as a reminder of the ‘healthy’ me.

Or perhaps I want to feel the power of the Triple Spiral Pendant as it links me to my ancient roots and represents the continuity of life and also the journey I am on.

The symbols I wear make me feel like I have the power to carry on and these have helped me through what I think has been the most challenging part of my own life.

I really feel so lucky to be able to put such meaning into my work and to be able to share my personal journey with YOU!

Can I Help You Choose A Piece Of Jewelry To Guide You On Your Journey?


Perhaps you’d like to ask me some questions about which jewellery I’d recommend for YOU?

LeeLa Scallywag (my trusty four-legged companion) and I would love to talk to you so please do not hesitate to send me a message.

We can’t wait to help you choose your own symbolic jewelry!